Trail Rides

Eleanor JEEPfest 2018 Trail Rides

Bring your Jeep, family, and friends.  Join the convoy of Jeeps on trails meant for stock Jeeps as well as modified Jeeps.

Enjoy the county atmosphere and surrounding of Putnam County on trails and rides near Eleanor JEEPfest 2018.

We will have a ‘stock’ friendly trail ride and a more aggressive trail ride meant for modified and lifted Jeeps (makes sure you have good tires for this one.)

Sign up through pre-registration, or at the registration table the day of the ride.

Registration Fee: $25.00 per vehicle


  • All participants must wear a seat belt.
  • No alcohol permitted on the trail (this is a family weekend).
  • CB’s are encouraged but not required (for radio communication if needed).
  • Paddle tires or anything that may damage or be disrespectful to the trail or land owner is not permitted.
  • Convoy will have a Trail Leader & Anchor vehicle to ensure we all stay together.
  • Check fuel levels BEFORE the ride.  Neither trail passes a gas station once it begins.
  • Have fun at all times, and enjoy.


Please respect this is a family event and fun weekend.

  • All people in the vehicle must wear their seatbelt at all times while on the course.  No exceptions.
  • Driver must have a valid driver’s license to drive a vehicle through the course.
  • CB’s are highly encouraged (for radio communication if needed).
  • Obey trail officials at all times.  If you need assistance, use your horn to get the attention of an official.
    Air horns will be used to stop ALL traffic and provide assistance.  If you hear a horn, please come to a stop and soon and safely as possible.
  • Please drive at a reasonable speed and DO NOT closely follow the vehicle in front of you.  Follow directions from track officials to slow down your pace if needed.  Allow plenty of room in front of you for the person to complete the obstacle before you attempt any part of it.
  • All vehicles will have front and rear tow points.
  • As you exit the course, watch carefully for any spectators or people walking.  Do not throw dirt or mud unnecessarily.  Be respectful to the grounds and those around you.
  • Check fuel level BEFORE entering staging area for the ride.  Once we depart, a fuel stop is not part of the ride.
  • Paddle tires or anything that may damage or be disrespectful to the trail or land owner is not permitted.
  • Trail officials reserve the right to say if your vehicle may or may not participate in the Stock or Modified Trails.  This is to provide safe fun and help prevent unnecessary damage to your vehicle.


If you have any questions about any event or the festival, please use our Contact Us page and we will get back to you promptly.