Eleanor JEEPfest 2018 is now accepting vendors for the event.

If you are interested in being a vendor for JEEPfest, please contact us for more detail and information.

All proceeds from this event are going to help the Eleanor Park & Recreation Board with maintenance and improvements. 

This includes the pools, ballfields, fairgrounds, disk golf, hiking trails, and more.  Help us raise money to put back in our community.

General Information:
– Vendor spaces are 20′ x 20′
– All have electric access
– Some have water access
– Prices range from $20 – $50 (per day) depending on location
– Vendors welcome to more than one spot for semi-trailers and la-rge displays
– Discounts available for local and small businesses

Food vendors:
– Same information as general vendors
– Food vendors are in a designated area
– Sheltered picnic table area for the public

Click here to contact us about becoming a Vendor